Romance Scarf

I started this project back in January or February, then had to take a few months off because of a minor wrist surgery (I had a ganglion cyst in my wrist that I finally got excised). I love the softness of the 100% alpaca yarn used, and the fun texture of the design. It looks a little different on the front and back. The front makes it easy to see the detail, while the back looks a little bubbly. It also has plenty of stretch worked into the design. In fact, I love this cluster design so much I’m thinking about making a stole or shawl out of it at some point. When it’s stretched out the pattern looks different again and it’s quite fun. I always have trouble coming up with names, but this one seems very feminine and a little romantic so I named it the Romance Scarf (I know, I know, it’s a little cheesy).

I also worked in a slit in the design so you can thread one end of the scarf through to help it stay in place better. I wrote it up as an optional variation, but it’s pretty discrete. When not in use, I don’t even notice that it’s there.

Another first for this pattern is that I made my own stitch chart. I have been looking into programs for stitch chart software but I haven’t found anything that does everything I want it to. So, I downloaded a free drawing program (I used the free version of Serif DrawPlus) and made my own! It did take some time and effort, but I think it was worth it. With a pattern like this a stitch chart is really helpful, if not absolutely critical.