Free Baby Hat Pattern with Earflaps

A few weeks ago a friend of mine hosted a baby shower for EIGHT pregnant ladies from my church group who are all due from November to January. It was very cute – each invitee had a name printed on the invite so they only had to bring a gift for one person. Since I was one of the pregnant ladies, I decided to do a small gift for each of the others. I made them each an octopus from the ocean toy trio pattern, as well as a newborn or 3 month size baby hat (I also tossed in a pair of burp cloths and a headband for the lady whose name was on my invitation, which is why they’re in the picture).

Gifts for Baby Shower

Gifts for Baby Shower

I thought I had posted this hat pattern for free previously, but a quick search showed that I have not, so, here you go! This is my go-to quick winter baby hat. It’s super fast, warm, cozy, and cute. It has optional earflaps and you can choose how long to make the strings. My daughter had one of these with really long strings that she loved. I was sad when she outgrew it. 🙂

I usually make it with Lion Brand Homespun yarn, which you can easily find at most craft stores – I’ve also used a few other varieties, and you’re free to substitute as long as it’s consistent in weight. The homespun can be a little difficult to work with because of the texture – it makes it challenging to see the stitches well, but with a little effort it’s possible. You’ll also need a size K crochet hook.


  1. ch3 and join, or use a magic circle.
  2. ch2 (does not count as first dc), 10 dc through center ring, join.
  3. ch2, 2dc in each dc around, join (20st)
  4. ch2, *2dc in next st, dc in next 3 sts, repeat from * around, join (25st)
  5. ch2, dc around, join – for four rows (7 rows total)

3 Month

  1. work 1-3 as for newborn
  2. ch2, *2dc in next st, dc in next st, 2dc in next st, dc in next 2 st, repeat from * around, join (28sts)
  3. ch2, dc around, join – for 5 rows (8 rows total)

6 Month

  1. work 1-3 as for newborn
  2. ch2, *2dc in next st, dc in next st, repeat from * around, join (30sts)
  3. ch2, dc around, join – for 6 rows (9 rows total)

12 month

  1. work 1-2 as for 6 month
  2. ch2, *dc in next 9 sts, 2dc in next st, repeat from * around, join (33sts)
  3. ch2, dc around, join – for 6 rows (10 rows total)

Optional Ear Flaps 3-12 months (newborn)

  1. join where you want the earflap to start, sc 8 (6)
  2. ch1, sk first st, sc across – you will get smaller by 1 stitch each row. Stop when you get to just a ch1 and one sc, tie off (leave a long tail so that you can braid it in with the other strands of the braid and save yourself some end-weaving!).
  3. Count across 8 (6) sts from the end of the previous earflap and work second earflap the same as the first.
  4. Cut 6 strands of yarn 3-4 times longer than you want the earflap ties to end up. Take 3 of the strands together, fold them in half to find the center – insert your hook through the gap between the ch1 and sc of the last row of the earflap from the inside to the outside – grab the center of the three yarn strands with your hook and pull it through the hole. Then pull all six ends of yarn through the center loop and pull tight. If you took my advice and left a long tail after you finished the ear flap, pull it through as well before you tighten up. Now, split the six (or seven) strands in to three groups and braid normally, tie a knot in the end and you’re done! Repeat with the other ear flap.
Baby Hat with or without Ear Flaps

Baby Hat with or without Ear Flaps

I’m sorry I didn’t think to take pictures as I made these. Since I thought I had already posted this pattern I didn’t see any need. Whoops! Hopefully the written instructions are enough for you to make these quick and easy baby hats.

Happy Crocheting!