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Free Baby Hat Pattern with Earflaps

A few weeks ago a friend of mine hosted a baby shower for EIGHT pregnant ladies from my church group who are all due from November to January. It was very cute – each invitee had a name printed on the invite so they only had to bring a gift for one person. Since I was one of the pregnant ladies, I decided to do a small gift for each of the others. I made them each an octopus from the ocean toy trio pattern, as well as a newborn or 3 month size baby hat (I also tossed in a pair of burp cloths and a headband for the lady whose name was on my invitation, which is why they’re in the picture).

Gifts for Baby Shower

Gifts for Baby Shower

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Romance Scarf

I started this project back in January or February, then had to take a few months off because of a minor wrist surgery (I had a ganglion cyst in my wrist that I finally got excised). I love the softness of the 100% alpaca yarn used, and the fun texture of the design. It looks a little different on the front and back. The front makes it easy to see the detail, while the back looks a little bubbly. Continue reading

Heart Scarf Tunisian

I can’t believe it was October when I posted the Diamond scarf! Though this Heart Scarf has been finished for several months, with the holiday season, the computer work required to get the photos edited and pattern written just kept getting pushed back! I’m happy to have it finished and ready for your enjoyment. 🙂

In my last post, I said I’d talk a little more about the design process. It really varies greatly based on the type of project, but for this project, like for the Diamond Scarf, I started with graph paper. Continue reading

Diamond Scarf Tunisian Crochet Pattern

I recently participated in the Fall Pacific Northwest (PNW) yarn crawl. I only went to three of the 7 or 8 shops that participate since I have three small children to cart around with me, but that’s probably good, because otherwise I would have bought entirely too much yarn! I just love love love local yarn stores. Sometimes I dream of opening one myself and then I remember just how much work that would be and the fact that I would have to work a regular schedule (something I’m not at all good at).

Anyway, I picked up some Liberty Wool Light yarn from Rainy Day Yarns in Gig Harbor in two different colors. Continue reading

Tricolor Infinity Scarf

This fun new Tricolor Infinity Scarf pattern uses the split stitch technique (as seen previously in the split stitch gloves). I love the rich colors and the fun texture of the two-tone split stitch. This scarf is a great starter project for the split stitch technique because, though it can be difficult to keep your stitches nice and even while controlling two colors of yarn, it really doesn’t matter if your tension gets a little crazy, the scarf still looks great! Continue reading

Crochet scarf with twist pattern and subtle color changes in the brown/gray family

Dunes Scarf

This scarf was a fun little puzzle to create. I love the twist design and the gentle striping of the yarn. This scarf is a little deceptive because it uses only slip stitches and double crochet. The twists are created be folding the fabric over upon itself in a special way. I love that it works well to use as either an infinity scarf pattern or a standard scarf. It looks great both ways! Continue reading